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Economic Development Brandon, MB

Explore Brandon, Manitoba—the region’s service hub and 2nd largest city, celebrated for its outstanding cost competitiveness. Discover a diverse economy, central location, and ample development land fostering stability and growth. With postsecondary institutions and a rising newcomer population, Brandon offers an ideal mix of diversity, convenience, and connectivity. Dive into the links below to delve into real data and make informed decisions about relocating to Brandon.

Why Brandon?

Explore the possibilities in Brandon, where a welcoming community and abundant opportunities converge for a fulfilling life. Discover the added advantage of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), offering newcomers a seamless path to become part of our thriving community. Brandon stands out with its strong sense of community, diverse economic sectors, and strategic location, fostering sustainable growth, supporting local businesses, and creating a dynamic environment for career development and entrepreneurial ventures. Check out this link to learn more about the RNIP program and everything Brandon has to offer.

A Thriving Hub for Business and Career Opportunities

College & University In Brandon

Discover Brandon, Manitoba’s lively economy—where city conveniences meet countryside charm. It’s the perfect place for professionals and businesses to grow. With Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University offering diverse courses, you’ll find not just a thriving job market but also opportunities for continuous learning. Explore the city where education and career possibilities intersect, paving the way for your success in a vibrant community.

Discover Brandon's Economic Opportunities

Explore our city's potential

Ready to discover Brandon’s opportunities? Visit Advance Rural Manitoba’s City of Brandon Page for insights into the city’s economy, lifestyle, and what awaits you. Connect with a welcoming community, a thriving city, and abundant opportunities. Explore, learn, and embark on your journey in Brandon.

Brandon Transit's Affordable and Accessible Commute

Brandon Transit

Getting around Brandon is a breeze with the budget-friendly Brandon Transit. Buses cover every corner, making it easy for newcomers to reach work or college. Students can enjoy unlimited rides with the UPASS, and for others, a $86 monthly pass offers unlimited travels. Just top up your card for occasional rides. Travel across Brandon without breaking the bank!

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