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Bee EZ Tree Service
Operating since - Jul, 2012

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Bee EZ Tree Service is based in Brandon, MB. We serve Brandon and surrounding area. We are
the Happiest Family Tree Service. We enjoy a challenge, and are prepared for tree pruning and
removal, brush chipping and stump grinding. Urban trees have a hard life – from competing for enough water and sun and impacted roots
under concrete and asphalt – we aim to make their life a little easier. Pruning for health, growth
and fruit production are important aspects for tree maintenance.

As a small family business, we know that our word is our reputation. We take pride in doing to
the very best we can for your family. Safety is not just regulations or equipment for us – it
means that we come home at the end of the day. We are honoured that you trust to take care of
your trees, stumps, bushes and hedges!

Safety is an attitude, that infuses your movement and approach to a task. Safety needs to be an
automatic response to the situations that we will find ourselves in every day. People look at our
work and say, That’s dangerous! No. Our work involves risk, and through training, planning,
talking, and executing the plan – we mitigate those risks.


Cultural Insights

  • Mentorship Program
  • Safety Focus
  • Team Building Activities
  • Training & Development Opportunities

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