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Keystone Centre
Operating since - Apr, 1973

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The Keystone Centre is a premiere destination in Manitoba, and Western Canada for all things events. Specializing in everything from conferences & tradeshows, concerts, ice hockey, and agricultural events, the Keystone Centre is capable of hosting and servicing any type or size of event.

The Keystone Centre sits on approximately 90 acres in Brandon’s busiest commercial district and offers 540,000 square feet of multi-use all under one roof. As a significant contributor to the quality of life in Westman, the Keystone Centre plays an important role in the area of social and economic impact. Boasting over 1,500 event days annually, the Keystone Centre hosts a diverse array of activities providing a large component of the social, recreational, cultural and agricultural fabric of the area, and is one of Brandon’s largest economic catalysts.

The original Keystone Centre opened its doors in 1972, the product of a joint venture between the City of Brandon, the Government of Manitoba, the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba and private donors. The Keystone Agricultural and Recreation Centre Inc. is a freestanding non-profit corporation that owns and operates the 90 acres of property and all of the buildings known as the Keystone Centre.

The Keystone Centre was established through an agreement between the City of Brandon and the Province of Manitoba that saw the two parties share equally in any deficit of the Keystone.

The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba contributed the land and assets of the day, and the three parties formed the Leadership of the Corporation.

A ten member board of Directors consisting of two representatives from the City of Brandon, two from the Province of Manitoba and two from the Provincial Exhibition, in addition to four members at large from the community appointed by the Leadership Group. The Corporation employs a general manager and staff who carry out the management and operation of the facility

The operations of the Provincial Exhibition, Brandon Wheat Kings and Brandon Curling Club are located within the Keystone Centre. These tenants play an integral role in the success of the Centre.

There have been several expansions to the Keystone Centre. In 1982 approximately 30,000 square feet of space was added with the development of the Manitoba Room, Pioneer Lounge, and Amphitheatre. In 1992, in response to ever-growing needs in the community, a major expansion was completed which added 165,000 square feet of new tradeshow and recreation space.

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