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Manitoba Canola Growers
Operating since - Jul, 1982

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The Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) is boldly committed to driving success for canola farmers. Empowered with a new vision, mission and strategic plan that better reflects who we are, our team is taking everything we have learned in more than 40 years of serving our farmer members and finding new and valuable ways to support farmers for sustainable success in the decades to come.

Vision: Bold action for canola farmers
Mission: Farmer funded, farmer focused. Driving success for Manitoba canola farmers through research, market development, advocacy and outreach.
Our History
MCGA was incorporated on July 8, 1982, with the legal purpose “To stimulate, increase and improve the production and marketing of canola and canola products in Manitoba.” Initially funded by memberships, MCGA was granted a check-off in 1996 of 50 cents per tonne for every tonne of Manitoba canola sold, which was increased to $1.00 per tonne in 2008.

You can read more about the laws that govern how we serve our members under the Agricultural Producers Organization Funding Act and the Manitoba Canola Growers Association’s Designation Regulation.

Our Future
Today, MCGA represents approximately 7,500 members. MCGA strategically invests farmers’ check-off dollars for “seed money” to grow the future under the careful guidance of our farmer board, committees and membership. We are truly farmer funded, and farmer-focused.

The coming three to five years is focused on achieving three big goals for canola farmers in Manitoba:

Deliver Meaningful Communication and Engagement to ensure MCGA and our members share the advantage of timely insight and the latest knowledge.
Focus on Farm Success, because a deep understanding of our members’ goals and values is how we will all succeed. Farmers’ success is our success.
Elevate Farmers as Bold Leaders and Experts, because farmers are the experts at farming, and should be recognized and consulted first on all farming matters.

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Manitoba Canola Growers

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Published on : Jul 5, 2024

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